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Why Q Oil?

Q Oil Europe are a UK based company supplying a range of high quality products. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers who are typically exclusive distributors within Europe and supporting them with our products.

We market ourselves as the ideal range for customers looking for a high quality alternative to known brands in a market. We can compete on performance and results. We use our great demos and our network of knowledge to gain market share and grow the brand.

We are a small company and so able to keep close contact and be available for our customers.

Q Oil has the benefit of being new and exciting at launch, often in markets that are stagnant and void of new entrants with anything close to Unique Selling Point whilst remaining a range of products with a proven history. Our main product Q20 was invented in 1950 and is the market leader in South Africa where it has been on sale since then. It was first exported in 2009 and since then become available in 58 countries around the world, 21 of which are in Europe.

Join us now to be part of this exciting global expansion of the biggest small brand you’ve never heard of.

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