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Q50 Product

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Dual sided heavy duty fabric. Removes paint, oil, grease, silicones, mastic and more from hands, tools and hard surfaces.

Micro beaded side for heavy duty scrubbing.

Smooth side for wiping down.

Handy resealable tub contains 50 wipes

Dermatologically tested with added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, anti-bacterial and effective against Weil’s Disease. Ideal for the workshop, office, home or on the move. No need for water, soap and cleaners. No need for dirty towels. One wipe does the job!

As well as ordinary dirt, the cleaning wipe is also efficient against heavy greases, lubricants, oil, paints, inks and many more persistent stains, The cleaning wipes can be used on smooth surfaces, such as computers, copying machine, fax machine, white boards, car interior, rims, machines.

Efficient on hands, the cleaning wipe also enables a fast scrubbing of any smooth and nonporous surfaces (tools, mechanic parts, counter top, car body).

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