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This time served range of products is new to the European Market, but enjoys a market share of 70+% in its home market.

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Grab a free can of Q20 aerosol. All you have to do is mail us a photo and short description of how you use Q20, either at home, work, cycling, car racing etc, together with your name and address and we will pop it onto Facebook/Web site and you’ll get the can! (This can be anonymous if you wish, we will just use initials and town of residence). 10 cans per month maximum (UK only). Please email images, description and your details to sales@qoileurope.com


About our RangeWhy Q20?

The Key product in the Q Range is Q20 the Leading Moisture Repellent for protecting and removing moisture from wet ignition systems on Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Marine Engines and Electric Motors.

Q20 overcomes and prevents stubborn starting and stalling in damp climates and heavy downpours. Its unique penetrating power makes it ideal as a release agent and light duty lubricant for use in the Home, Garage and Workshop.

Q20 is Silicone Free.

Q20 leads the pack when it comes to Multi Purpose Lubricants. This product displaces moisture, stops rust in its tracks, protects and lubricates all household and industrial items. It has the most advanced formula.

  • Displaces and prevents moisture in ignition systems especially sparkplugs
  • Facilitates movement & prevents grating & rust of door hinges at home or in the car
  • Extends the life of exterior light bulbs by 30% (sprayed on electrode contacts prevent shorting)
  • Prevents moisture forming in electrical motors especially power tools
  • Rids corrosion in electrical circuitry & maintains conduction of current
  • A useful rust preventive for any exposed metal, protects tools from corrosion
  • Lubricates and loosens locks & catches and prevents any squeaking
  • Protects the chassis of vehicles, in particular 4WD – a necessity at coastal resorts
  • Superior for all sorts of cleaning jobs, removes tar from car bodywork